5 Advantages of Dental Restorations

Dental restorations refer to the different types of restoration devices and procedures that a dentist can use to help in restoring or repairing teeth. Whether the teeth are missing or just not in the best condition, dental restorations can help in many of the different scenarios.

These are different ways that a dentist can help in restoring or replacing a tooth, however, the main goal of a dentist is to pick a solution that keeps as much of the natural tooth structure as possible. Doing this ensures that the patient has the healthiest mouth possible no matter which restorative measure is taken.

Different restorative dental options

We are going to give a brief overview of 5 different advantageous dental restoration options that are currently available.

#1: Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common dental restoration options. The filling is done using either a silver, gold or tooth-colored composite filling that will look just like the natural tooth. After doing this, the cavity that was forming on the tooth will be removed and there will be no chance that the cavity would progress.

#2: Crowns

Dental crowns are ‘caps’ that will fit over a tooth. Once the tooth has been prepared and is ready to have the cap placed, it will be cemented on. Once this is done, the patient can continue eating like normal and will typically forget that it is not a natural tooth that is in the place. This option also keeps the natural tooth root in place which is great for the jaw bone.

#3 Dental bridges

Another very popular option for dental restorations is the placement of dental crowns. These are done by fastening the anchors of the bridge on either side of a gap where a tooth or multiple teeth used to be. Then the bridge is inserted in the gap, and it appears the person never had any missing teeth, to begin with!

This has become a very popular option for people with a line of teeth that are missing.

#4 Dental implants

Dental implants are another great option for restoring teeth. Because of their construction and how they are inserted into the mouth and jawbone, there are other advantages to having dental implants than just good looking teeth and no gaps.

Because the spokes that implants are supported on are fastened directly into the jawbone, the stimulation that a tooths root would give the bone is still given with the spoke. This helps a person avoid bone deteriorating and it can prevent their jawline and cheeks from sagging.

#5 Dentures

Of course, one of the oldest and most popular tooth restoration options is dentures. They are custom built for the wearer and will be a great replacement for teeth. However, traditional dentures will require that all remaining teeth are removed before having them created.

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