5 Ways Having a Family Dentist Will Make Your Life Easier

We all love our teeth. You brush them twice a day, floss once a day and see a dentist regularly, correct? A family dentist loves teeth, too! There is so much to understand about caring for oral health that dentistry has several categories of specialties and different kinds of dentists.

The primary dentist in a person's life should be a family dentist, otherwise known as a general dentist. The family dentist is the one a person will often visit for yearly dental check-ups. How precisely is family dentistry different from other types of dentistry?

Types of dentistry

All dentists have an undergraduate degree, and most have completed about four years of dental school. This earns them either a doctorate of dental medicine (DMD) or doctorate of dental surgery (DDS). To become specialized, the dentist will need extra education and clinical experience.

General dentist: A family dentist is considered a general dentist. They treat patients of all ages and offer a wide range of services from fillings to screening for oral cancer.

Endodontist: They pay attention to the soft, inner layers of the teeth. Tooth pain, infections and root canals are a primary focus.

Oral & maxillofacial surgeon: Studied emergency dentistry, the anatomy of the mouth and anesthesia in case a person ever needs oral surgery.

Orthodontist: They correct the smile for better appearance and function with teeth straightening techniques and orthodontics.

Periodontist: Handles gum disease and gum health. They at times perform surgery and can install dental implants.

Oral pathologist: Can identify and treat any disease in the lips, teeth, cheeks and jaws.

Family dentistry is preventative care

Seeing a dentist regularly is as significant as seeing the primary care doctor on a regular basis. A family dentist will have an ongoing relationship with every member of the family to help keep the teeth healthy and navigate any possible oral health issues.

Benefits of having a family dentist

A few of the benefits of seeing a family dentist are:

  1. Convenience: Family dentists have consistent office hours and can treat the whole family in one day. Whether a person makes all the appointments at once or in a row, the patient only has to make one trip.
  2. Long-term relationship: The better the dentist knows the family and their health history, the better they can assist the family. The relationship with the family dentist will only improve with visits and time.
  3. Preventative care & comprehensive treatment: Family dentists treat people of various ages and do everything from cancer screenings to cleanings to tackling sleep issues, preventing diseases and consulting for orthodontics.
  4. Prevent disease: Regular check-ups and cleanings with a family dentist aid in the prevention of any future issues by keeping gum disease and decay at bay.
  5. Community: Everyone can visit the family dentist! Family dentists are a part of everyday community life and wellness.

If a person is looking for a family dentist or preventive dental care, reach out to a trusted family dentist as soon as possible.

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