A Family Dentist Shares Proven Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay and Avoid Cavities

Family Dentist Salida, CA

Tooth decay and gum disease are a headache to deal with, and a Family Dentist will be seeing you often if you have these. It is so easy to prevent them by following some basic oral hygiene tips and advice from a family dentist. Healthy teeth lead to a happy and healthy mouth. Here are some ideas to get on the right track to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Tips for better oral health

Visit a family dentist regularly

No one can promise that it won’t hurt just a little, but the small amount of pain in a dental visit can prevent years pain from dental work and bills that accumulate from it. A family dentist can provide dental examination services including X-rays, biannual cleanings, tartar and plaque removal, deep cleanings and filling cavities and so much more.

During the exam, a dentist can give tips and tricks for improving oral health. A family dentist or hygienist can demonstrate proper brushing and flossing. After the visit, keeping up dental health will be easier.

Teeth brushing regimen

It goes without saying that, at a minimum, brushing teeth regularly will help maintain a healthy mouth. Brushing twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, will help remove bacteria and plaque. It is one of the simplest ways to curb tartar and bacteria build-up in the mouth. Don’t forget to brush that tongue. The tongue holds part of the key to fresh breath as it also holds bacteria from the food, drinks and other things in the mouth.

Tip: Including a brush in the middle of the day, after lunch, will give oral health a boost.

Do not forget to floss

Flossing is there to assist brushing efforts. Floss gets into the areas that a toothbrush can’t reach like between the teeth and down below the gum line. Flossing is an important part of oral health. It takes only minutes and can save so much time and heartache. Flossing also helps to prevent gum diseases like gingivitis, tooth decay, plaque and tartar build-up which, in turn, helps to keep our breath fresh and our pearly whites white.

Curb those bad habits

Smoking, drinking soda, coffee and tea, and eating bad foods can all contribute to the decay of oral health. Drink more water. Water is the life source for everything and helps to sustain a healthier lifestyle. Eat healthier foods, including the daily dose of fruits and vegetables. If smoking is a habit, get help to quit smoking. Smoking is not only bad for the mouth, but it is also bad for overall health as well.


From brushing to flossing to regular dental visits, dental hygiene should be covered. These are good habits that should last the lifetime of your teeth. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, curb bad habits and visit with a family dentist regularly. These are all recipes for a healthy, happy, clean mouth.

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