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Teeth bleaching is an in-office teeth-whitening procedure. Many people are fond of procedures like this because it seems to be more potent than home teeth-whitening trays. If the teeth whitening is in the clinic, the dentist can monitor the amount of bleach. If you are planning to have a teeth bleaching treatment in your dentist’s clinic, here are some helpful details.

How does teeth bleaching work?

With this procedure, the patient’s teeth become whiter. Dental staining is a constant problem. One’s diet and lifestyle often cause stains, tartar, and plaque on teeth. With dental bleaching, the dentist can remove the stains on the enamel and even in the dentin layer. When the bleaching solution interacts with oxygen, it breaks down the carbon molecules to the dentin layer. Teeth whitening kits cannot do this extensive teeth whitening.

How long does this treatment usually take?

It usually takes about 30 minutes to perform a teeth-whitening treatment. Some patients choose to take a home teeth-whitening kit if they are too busy. The kits from the dental clinic are more potent than the store-bought ones. Taking time to go to the clinic for a teeth bleaching treatment will be better. At the clinic, the dentist can regulate the bleach levels well according to the patient’s needs.

When will the results become obvious?

The results of teeth bleaching will be obvious after the treatment. If the patient wants a gradual teeth-whitening procedure, then it will take at least one clinic visit. Patients must use store-bought teeth-whitening kits for about two weeks before their results start to show. In-clinic teeth bleaching is better because the results are dramatic.

How long do teeth bleaching results last?

The whitening effects are not permanent. Yet, if the patient practices good oral hygiene, the results can last for at least a year. If the patient loves to drink dark beverages, the results will only last for a few months. Patients should avoid staining drinks and foods to maintain the results longer. Regular visits to the dentist can help the patient prolong the teeth whitening results.

Is teeth bleaching painful?

Bleaching teeth is not painful at all. The procedure does not even have downtime. If the patient uses a powerful store-bought whitening kit, it might burn the gums. It is better to let the dentist handle this process for proper bleach control.

Does teeth bleaching affect fillings or restorations?

Teeth bleaching does not whiten or harm fillings or restorations. If the patient has dark yellow restorations, the whitening solution will make them stand out. The patient may need to change the fillings or restorations after the treatment. Doing so will help them match the color of the patient’s teeth.

In-office teeth bleaching can change your appearance and self-image

Patients who suffer from teeth staining usually look for a teeth bleaching solution that is potent and long-lasting. In-clinic teeth whitening can deliver lasting results. Instead of buying many home teeth-whitening kits, a few clinic visits can do the job with quicker results. Discussing teeth bleaching with your dentist can help start your journey to a brighter smile.

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