Invisalign Therapy From an Orthodontist

Invisalign Salida, CA

If you have crooked or gapped teeth, you might benefit from Invisalign® therapy from an orthodontist. But when you are considering getting the clear aligners, you might be wondering what it is like. The good news is that there are several ways to make it go well. Keep reading to learn how to make your treatment successful.

The mouth will need to adjust

The patient will need time to adjust to the new Invisalign aligners each time a new one comes in. There are no permanent brackets or metal wires on the teeth with Invisalign. This means that the gums and other soft tissues will not become irritated as with other braces. But the mouth will still need to adjust over the next few days.

As is the case with a retainer, the patient will need to become used to putting the aligners on. The patient will also need to adjust to talking with the aligners in the mouth. There might also be some soreness since the teeth are starting to move. Once the mouth is fully adjusted, there should not be more issues. An orthodontist can help give some tips to make this adjustment easier for the patient.

Wear the aligners as much as possible

Patients should wear the aligners as much as possible. It is good that the aligners are removable, but this can also present a problem. On the one hand, there are not going to be restrictions on food for the patients. The aligners can be taken out during mealtimes, and it is easy to floss and brush.

However, some patients might accidentally forget to put the Invisalign aligners back in after. The aligners need to stay in at least 22 hours each day. That only leaves a maximum of two hours for eating and cleaning. Plus, the teeth need to be cleaned after each meal, further cutting into the patient’s meal and snack times. This is important to follow since the treatment will be delayed otherwise.

Proper aligner cleaning

If the aligners are not properly cleaned, then odor, bacteria buildups, and discoloration might occur. Every morning, the patient should take out the trays and clean both the trays and teeth well. The bacteria can build up on the tray while the patient is sleeping. This should also be done in the evening.

The patient should also rinse off the trays well when taking them out. This will prevent the saliva from drying out on them. It can also prevent too much plaque on them. The patient should use an anti-bacterial soap to prevent the bacteria from building up on the trays. Plus, the patient should use a soft-bristled toothbrush to get rid of plaque.

Visit an orthodontist today for Invisalign

Are you ready to have a straighter smile? If so, it might be time to visit an orthodontist for an Invisalign consultation. Your orthodontist can help you decide if you are a candidate for these aligners. Making an appointment is your first step.

Request an appointment here: or call Smile World Dental at (209) 732-1123 for an appointment in our Salida office.

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