Cindy M.

Dr. K Thank you for your kind and patient spirit! You made my blood pressure go down when I needed it! Today I'm feeling so much better now. Thank you to the kind dental assistant who had my medicine ready for me to help relieve the pain. I didn't even have to ask you ... you just did it. Ashley I am so glad you are back at work! You are an asset to this office, Please don't leave until this project is complete. I miss you and usually schedule appointments before 1:30 knowing you will be there to give me a play by play on everything that is going or will be done! Anna Belle Thank you for the professional attitude you bring to the front desk.... I know I am not the only patient your office has when I come in but you are the person I see first so thanks for alwas being there. Yikes! Lucky you! Wait ... Lucky me (lol). Paz!