What Is a Smile Makeover Consultation?

Are you looking into options for making over your smile? The recent advances in the field of cosmetic dentistry mean that there are more options available than ever before. The fact that you now have many options when it comes to improving your smile means you can pick and choose which of these cosmetic procedures is going to meet your particular wants and needs. It is simply up to you to choose so that you can make your smile look its best.

In order for someone to be considered as a candidate for smile makeover treatment services, they must be in overall good health.

What is a smile makeover consultation?

A consultation for a smile makeover with a dentist is necessary as this is the time for the patient to understand what their makeover options are going to be. The dentist will need to perform a thorough mouth examination as well as look closely at their patient's overall facial structure. They are then able to let the patient know which cosmetic procedures are going to work for improving their smile.

Because there are so many cosmetic dentistry choices available nowadays, it is necessary for anyone considering a smile makeover to make a consultation appointment so they can better understand their specific smile improvement choices.

About size, shape and position

During a makeover consultation, the patient will learn about changing the size, shape and position of their teeth. The following three tooth alterations are often used to improve the way someone looks when they smile, and can also be referred to as tooth reshaping and dental contouring.

  • Changing the size of a tooth is an option and allows patients to make their small teeth larger and their large teeth smaller. This can be achieved with the help of dental bonding or porcelain veneers
  • Changing the shape of a tooth is often a choice for patients who are looking to have straighter teeth. Using dental contouring techniques, a dentist can reshape certain teeth to make straightening procedures more effective
  • Changing the position of the teeth requires a patient to select one of the many tooth straightening options available, such as traditional metal braces or clear aligning dental trays

Any more questions about smile makeover consultations?

We can answer any questions you have about getting a smile makeover, including any regarding the consultation process. Know that you do not have to live with a smile that you do not like anymore as there are many cosmetic dentistry services available to you.

In order for you to understand which cosmetic options are going to work ideally for you and your particular situation, you will need to make a consultation appointment with an experienced professional. If you are ready to make an appointment right now, we invite you to call us so we can schedule you in at a time that is convenient for you.

Are you considering a smile makeover in the Salida area? Get more smile makeover information at https://www.dentistsalida.com.

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