What Services Does a Smile Makeover Involve?

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When people are uncomfortable with their smiles, a smile makeover to correct visible and structural issues makes an immediately visible difference. Since a smile is one of the first things someone notices when meeting a new person, the investment to create a smile that makes the patient feel more confident and comfortable is a worthwhile one. The correction options a patient chooses depend on the current condition of the teeth as well as the person's goals after treatment. 

Smile makeover services

A patient's smile issues can range from simple discoloration to complicated surgical problems. The dentist creates a smile makeover treatment plan based on a patient's specific concerns, taking into consideration budget constraints and desired outcomes. Each set of teeth poses a different type of challenge, but in nearly every case there are options that make a large impact on a patient's smile. 

Teeth whitening

One of the most common smile complaints is also one of the easiest and least invasive issues to correct. Patients with discolored or stained teeth often try over the counter solutions that are time-consuming, difficult to apply and not as effective as anticipated. Some tooth whitening products cause tooth sensitivity and can be costly if multiple courses of treatment are needed. Professional teeth whitening involves techniques and materials that whiten a patient's teeth quickly with fewer side effects and more natural results. 

Tooth bonding

Broken or chipped teeth are another common source of insecurity for patients seeking a smile makeover. Thanks to modern bonding techniques that use strong resin to bond to the leftover tooth, the appearance and function of a whole tooth are easily restored. Leaving a tooth broken, cracked or chipped can cause dental problems such as cavities and pain that extend beyond the patient's smile concerns. 

Aligner trays

Misaligned or crooked teeth are a major worry for many patients with smile concerns. Teeth that are out of place, crowded or gapped can often be corrected using a series of dental aligner trays. Clear aligners are convenient for patients who do not want visible braces and who want to remove the trays when eating. Aligners work quickly and are discrete, making them a favorite tooth straightening tool for adult teeth. 

Dental implants

Missing teeth, particularly in the front of the mouth, are a major source of discomfort for smile makeover patients. Bridges can temporarily fill in the missing tooth gap, but those seeking a permanent solution can benefit from dental implants. Implant posts are surgically embedded directly into the jaw, and a crown that matches the remaining teeth is attached. 

Dental veneers

Patients looking for an entire smile overhaul turn to dental veneers as the ultimate smile makeover solution. The dentist permanently bonds veneers over the existing teeth, eliminating many dental issues. Teeth of disproportionate size or shape or that have chips and excessive wear disappear under the custom-made veneers. 


Patients seeking makeovers for their smiles go through different processes depending on the dental conditions causing distress. From in-office teeth whitening to a full set of veneers, a smile makeover helps patients tackle self-esteem issues associated with dental concerns. 

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