When Would Hybrid Implant Dentures Be Recommended?

Hybrid Implant Dentures Salida, CA

Hybrid implant dentures are a great combination of traditional dentures and dental implants. They provide a secure and reliable hold for the patient and look, feel, and function almost the same as natural teeth. This review discusses who the ideal candidate for hybrid implant dentures is. 

Who is the ideal candidate for hybrid implant dentures?

The ideal candidate for hybrid implant dentures is anyone who has experienced severe teeth loss and is willing to go through a more extensive treatment process to achieve a beautiful and functional smile that they can take pride in each day. The following is a closer look at exactly why someone may prefer hybrid implant dentures. 

The patient is missing most teeth on a single arch

When dentists refer to hybrid implant dentures, they are generally referring to complete dentures that replace most or all teeth on an entire arch. Patients that only have one missing tooth or a section of missing teeth could possibly benefit more from an implant-supported bridge or implant-supported crown. 

The patient wants their dentures not to be removable

Hybrid implant dentures are permanently fixed to dental implants that are positioned in the jaw for secure support. This is different than traditional dentures that are supported by gums and an adhesive. Patients who want replacement teeth that do not have to be removed and cleaned regularly may prefer hybrid implant dentures. 

The patient wants to know their dentures will not come loose while eating

One of the primary concerns patients with traditional dentures have is that their dentures may come loose if they bite down too hard or try to tear tough foods. This is not a concern with hybrid implant dentures, which allow patients to eat the way they would with natural teeth. Of course, some dietary restrictions may still apply to protect the restoration. 

The patient wants to care for their dentures the same as they would natural teeth

Hybrid implant dentures are one of the most natural restorations available to patients who need to replace multiple teeth. The patient can care for their dentures essentially the same as they would natural teeth. This includes regular brushing and flossing, the use of mouthwash, and regular check-up and cleaning visits. 

The patient wants the most durable and long-lasting solution

The material of the dentures is the same for traditional dentures and hybrid implant dentures, but the way they are supported is different. Dental implants can remain in ideal condition for more than fifteen years in many instances. Thus, many dentists recommend hybrid implant dentures to patients who want the most durable and long-lasting solution possible. 

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