Why Do I Need a Dental Onlay?

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Has your dentist talked to you about a dental onlay? This could be an unfamiliar type of restorative treatment for you, but that does not mean you should shy away from it. There are instances where an onlay is a more effective treatment than a filling or crown. In fact, as you learn more about this restoration, you will see that it has some benefits and advantages that you will not want to pass up. If you have a damaged tooth, this could be a good way to restore your smile.

An overview of a dental onlay

An onlay is a type of dental restoration that is pre-molded outside of the tooth. A dentist takes X-rays and makes impressions of the affected tooth. Then, a technician fabricates a piece out of ceramic, porcelain, or metal to fit on the tooth. The onlay fits into the grooves of the tooth and covers the cusps. It is useful when a filling is not enough to repair damage but when a crown is not necessary.

The dentist uses dental cement to bond the onlay to the tooth. The dentist will not have to remove any portions of the tooth or reshape it to attach it. This is different from a crown. Also, onlays can last longer than fillings and crowns and provide a strong biting surface for the tooth.

An alternative to teeth whitening

Some people may think of restorations such as crowns and a dental onlay as fixing physical damage only. However, onlays are a good option for restoring the natural color of a tooth too. Patients who are unhappy with a stained or discolored tooth can talk to the general dentist about getting an onlay to brighten their smile. The dentist can ensure that this piece is the desired color shade. It will then cover the stained tooth.

A long-standing solution

Both crowns and fillings can do well in preserving teeth, but they will not last forever. In fact, fillings can fall out, and crowns are prone to breaking under a lot of pressure. Fillings can also expand and crack the tooth. A dental onlay will last up to 20 years or more. It should not fall out or shrink due to other forces. Not only will patients not have to worry about this causing problems with the tooth, but there will be no need to replace it anytime soon.

Making teeth stronger

A dental onlay is a good solution for people who have severe cavities. Dental fillings will not support larger cavities. But the dentist can make the onlay the necessary size and shape to cover the hole caused by decay. Also, because the onlay is cemented in place, bacteria should not infiltrate the tooth and cause further decay.

Getting the treatment you need for your ailing tooth

Living with tooth pain or cosmetic challenges can be frustrating. You may even be embarrassed to smile. A dental onlay can repair tooth damage and improve its aesthetics. For a long-term solution, talk to your dentist about getting an onlay.

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