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Typical cosmetic issues

A cosmetic dentist should be your first source of help if you are not happy with your smile. Many issues could affect this feature, but you do not have to live with this embarrassment. Whether you have crooked teeth, a bite dysfunction, broken teeth, chipped teeth, a glaring gap or missing teeth, we can help. Our dentist has the knowledge and training to correct even the most severe problems.

Injuries, accidents or poor oral health habits can lead to some of these concerns. Living with tooth or mouth conditions can make it difficult to eat or even speak. You may even have anxiety about social situations because you are embarrassed about the way you look. Our dental staff wants to change all of this.

Call our office today and make an appointment to visit with our dentist so you can do something about your cosmetic challenges.

People of all ages contend with dental issues. From cavities and plaque to tartar and gum disease, there are numerous conditions that can threaten a person’s oral health. Our dentists can treat these to relieve pain and restore the patient’s wellness. Some conditions can also hinder a person’s appearance and smile. There may be even some embarrassment and social anxiety associated with some of these problems. Chipped and cracked teeth make it difficult for people to eat or even speak. Patients come into our office having lost a permanent tooth; some may not have any teeth left in their mouth.


Not all cosmetic dental concerns come from poor dental hygiene or habits, though this can often be the cause. Severe decay or infections, including an abscessed tooth, can put a tooth in jeopardy. In some cases, the dentist will have little choice but to pull the tooth. However, injuries and accidents can also break or knock out teeth. Slips and falls are common, especially on icy sidewalks. Even tripping or stumbling down one’s own stairs can pop a tooth out of place. Injuries in high-contact sports such as football, hockey, wrestling and boxing are culprits. Patients come into our office after car or bike accidents as well.

The treatments the cosmetic dentist may use

Luckily, patients do not have to live with the inconvenience, pain or stress of not having teeth. Our dentist can evaluate each patient individually and recommend a solution that makes sense. Our staff will customize a plan that fits each person’s needs and lifestyle. The most effective options include implants, veneers, implant-supported dentures and dentures. Patients should speak with our dentist to discuss concerns and ask questions about the benefits and drawbacks of any of the options.

Dental implants

Patients who are missing one tooth, multiple teeth or even all of their teeth should consider this method of replacing teeth. These implants require a multi-step, surgical procedure. The dentist would screw anchors into the jaw, leaving metal posts. On these, the dentist will attach a false tooth made of titanium. This is the same material a doctor would use to make a hip or knee replacement. This offers a durable solution that can withstand chewing and other regular use. Not only does this replacement tooth function like a natural tooth, but it also replaces the root. This means it will not need the support of neighboring real teeth. The implants look real, too, and do not make unnatural sounds when the person is chewing. The patient should brush them and take care of the implants just like one would natural teeth. Be aware that the implanting process can be time-consuming and costs more than other options.


For bad chips or significant fractures, veneers can be an effective choice. Veneers also work for misshapen or discolored teeth. These are also made of titanium, and they slide over the affected tooth. These thin sheets effectively adhere to teeth and can provide a more natural look than composite resin bonding. The process of placing the veneers over teeth is faster than implants. Plus, our dentist can make sure the colors match the patient’s other teeth. A beautiful smile can be difficult to maintain with dental flaws. However, with veneers, the person can find that smile once again. Veneers are strong, though they will begin to wear out after 15 or 20 years. It is important for the patient to have regular follow-up visits with our dentist for inspections.

Implant-supported dentures

Our cosmetic dentist may also suggest this treatment to a patient who has no teeth. It combines implants and traditional dentures to give the patient long-term bite strength. With this treatment, our dentist will implant anchors into the jaw and rest the dentures on that framework. The implants can help make the bones stronger and keep them from deteriorating. These dentures allow the patient to eat more of the foods they love without worrying as much about breakage or weakening. The patient will not remove these dentures but will instead go to the dental office for maintenance and upkeep.


Conversely, traditional dentures do not require surgery and conform to the shape of the person’s mouth. The gums and jawbones support the apparatus. The patient can remove the mouth appliance for convenience and cleaning. The gum-colored base is made of metal covered in plastic and can break or crack without proper care. By wearing dentures, the person can chew and speak normally and can maintain proper facial shaping. While it usually takes a couple of weeks to make the dentures for the patient, our dentist can rush the order in a few days if needed.

Make your choice

Carefully evaluate each of these options. Then, speak to our dentist about which one makes the most sense. You and the dentist can talk about your needs and goals and select something you can feel good about. You should not have to go through life with the embarrassment of having missing teeth, broken teeth or gaps. Make an appointment at our office today and regain the smile and function you have been looking for.

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