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Snapshot of what this treatment looks like

Dentures are a familiar restorative intervention. You no doubt know about this treatment that can replace damaged, decayed or missing teeth. You may think that only a certain age group can benefit from this apparatus, but adults of all ages may find this to be a helpful solution. Our dentist may tell you that there is no viable way to salvage your teeth. If this is the case, you should not have to struggle to live without teeth.

For centuries, this mouth appliance has helped people chew and speak normally. Though dentures have changed over time, their function is the same. The false teeth look natural and can allow you to live without anxiety and embarrassment in social settings. You do not have to put off your oral health needs and desired appearance any longer.

Take charge of the way you look and feel by calling our dentist to discuss the option of getting this tooth-replacement treatment.

Most people have at least some understanding of this apparatus, but this does not mean everyone knows how it functions. This device consists of a gum-colored acrylic base with plastic false teeth attached. Often the false teeth are made of metal with a plastic covering. The false teeth are made to closely resemble natural ones. The dentures fit over the gums and conform to the shape of the person’s mouth. A person can choose this mouth appliance for multiple missing teeth or for an entire mouth of missing teeth. There are both partial and full varieties.

Advantages of getting dentures instead of other treatments

Dentists can address badly damaged or missing teeth with a few different interventions. Some patients may choose to get implants instead. In other situations, a bridge may make more sense. However, this mouth appliance is popular because it can restore the appearance of the person’s face. Misshapen teeth or a lack of teeth can cause the face to sag, but dentures can correct that. Also, the appliance will protect any remaining teeth because the false teeth do not rely on natural ones for stability.

Choosing this treatment

When a person loses teeth, either by accident or because of dental problems such as decay, it is important to choose the right restorative care. This is not a decision anyone should take lightly. The patient wants to pick an effective option that will revive their smile and allow for regular eating habits. The individual should evaluate the benefits of wearing the dentures and should then consult the dentist for a recommendation. Our dentist will evaluate the person’s health and condition first.

First steps

Once our dentist and patient agree to go forward with getting dentures, there will be a thorough dental examination. The dentist will also take X-rays of the mouth and will create an impression, or mold. This will go to a dental lab where a technician will custom-make the false teeth. These will fit the patient and will match the color of any natural teeth still left in the mouth. At this first appointment, the dentist may have to extract any broken or decayed teeth that are beyond repair or restoration.

Time for fittings

It will usually take several days for the false teeth to be ready. Once the dentures are complete, the patient will come back into the office so the dentist can set them in the person’s mouth. The dentist will make sure the appliance fits correctly and feels comfortable to the patient. There will likely be some adjustments and changes at this appointment.

Getting accustomed to the false teeth

Many patients experience difficulty getting used to the dentures at first. This is normal, so people should not be worried if there is some soreness and irritation. Eating with these false teeth may seem a little unnatural for a few days. However, in a couple of weeks, patients should start to feel better about wearing them. Our dentist can answer any questions, address any concerns or make further alterations to how dentures fit in the person’s mouth.

Proper care

Any responsible individual wants the device to last for many years. The good news is that the false teeth and base should endure wear and tear for the long term, especially if the patient takes good care to maintain them. People who have dentures should brush them at least twice a day and should rinse them off after every meal. If the person has a removable version, they should soak it in a solution every day before retiring to bed for the night. Our dentist can recommend an appropriate product.


It is not uncommon for the false teeth to chip or break, or for the base to crack. Patients have a few options when these occur. If a tooth breaks off, it is possible to use super glue to attach it for a short-term solution. For problems with the base, the dentist should address the issues. For any damage to the dentures or any concerns, the patient should call our dental office right away.

Eating and drinking

Mealtime can be an adventure for people who do not have teeth or who have damaged or decayed teeth. False teeth can help the person enjoy their favorite items once again. It is possible to eat most foods, but the patient should still be mindful of sticky and hard things. Be careful with hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate as well.

Put a stop to embarrassment

A mouth without teeth can make a person feel humiliated. You should not have to endure this difficult situation if you lost teeth or had to get some pulled. False teeth look natural and help you smile once again. You can have peace of mind knowing that you can go about your daily activities without the embarrassment you have felt before because you did not have teeth. Speak to our dental staff today about whether you are a candidate for this tooth-replacement treatment.

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