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Teeth are not indestructible

To correct teeth problems, veneers could be the right choice for you. Our dentist recommends this treatment for adults of all ages who have chipped, cracked or broken teeth. These issues can hinder your smile or make you feel embarrassed about your mouth. Our dental staff is ready to talk to you about this process so that you can feel better about your teeth and enjoy eating the things you want.

You may have considered getting a crown or even asking our dentist to put a filling in your tooth to repair the damage. Our staff will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth and teeth so we can provide a recommendation you will feel good about. The procedure of getting this treatment has little to no pain and the results will leave you with natural-looking teeth once again.

Call our office today so that you can make an appointment with our dentist about getting this assistance.

Even though teeth are the hardest substance in the human body, it is possible to damage them through regular use. People can chip, crack or break teeth by biting into hard objects. Without proper oral hygiene and dental care, teeth can deteriorate because of decay or infection. This can lead to damage as well. Accidents or injuries from sports or from falling can fracture or even knock out teeth. All of these issues will require intervention if the patient wishes to save what is left of the tooth.


No one wants to go through the pain or inconvenience of suffering tooth damage. While there are effective treatments available, people would much rather avoid these issues altogether. Individuals who brush at least twice a day and who floss daily are less likely to get cavities and develop other dental conditions that can lead to tooth loss. These activities will also strengthen the teeth and allow the person to eat harder foods. While playing sports, it would be helpful to wear a mouthguard.

What is it?

A veneer is a thin sheet that the dentist will place over the front part of a tooth to cover up blemishes or physical damage. It is often made of porcelain, though some are made of composite resin. The item closely resembles a natural tooth, so it is difficult for anyone to notice. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, the dentist will take great care to customize it for the patient’s needs. This means it will have a similar color shade to the surrounding teeth.

The purpose

Many patients select this option to cover up small or large chips in teeth. One can even be used to improve the appearance of a misshapen tooth. Also, if a person has large gaps between teeth or any uneven spaces could benefit from this treatment. Some people prefer to use this covering instead of teeth-whitening products or processes. In the most severe cases, whitening products are not effective enough. However, this item can produce the color shade patients desire for their teeth.

Benefits for the patient

It is important for prospective patients to consider the advantages of getting these coverings for damaged or unsightly teeth. One of the most noteworthy characteristics is that this treatment is durable, strong and long-lasting. Though some patients may elect to get composite resin to fill in chips or cracks, this option will not have the same stability. The coverings are also difficult to stain, so a patient should enjoy whiter teeth. Another benefit is that the dentist will not have to remove as much enamel for this treatment as with crowns.

Procedure steps

At an appointment, the dentist will take impressions of the patient’s mouth and teeth. This will allow a lab technician to create a tooth to fit the person’s teeth. An appropriate color shade will also be selected at this time. The dentist will remove some enamel from the front of the tooth in preparation for the covering. The patient will wait several days for the items to come back from the lab. The dentist will then place the coverings on the affected teeth with a bonding agent and will make sure the person can bite normally.


Right after the dentist places the sheets on the patient’s teeth, there may need to be some adjustments. At subsequent appointments, the dentist will also modify the items as necessary. This appointment will also give the patient the opportunity to express any concerns and ask questions about the treatment.

Make sure veneers are the right option

This treatment may not be the correct decision for every patient. Every individual should thoughtfully evaluate the process and benefits. Also, prospective patients need to have healthy gums. The root of the affected tooth should also be in good condition.

Proper care

These coverings do a good job of correcting blemishes. However, patients cannot neglect oral hygiene and care. The person should continue to brush and floss regularly. Also, certain foods can break the veneers, so anyone who has them should be careful about eating hard or sticky food. If at any time the person does damage the sheets, it is vital to call the dentist immediately and report the situation. This will allow for timely repair and replacement.

Who can get them?

Patients should consult the dentist before getting this treatment. There are no age restrictions, though it is not as common for youth to choose this option. The covering will last 10 years or more, so someone looking for a long-term solution should feel good about going this direction.

Revive your beautiful smile

Damaged or discolored teeth can put a damper on your smile. You may want to leave your mouth closed and hide your smile if you have these issues. Thankfully, there is a treatment waiting for you. These porcelain sheets will attach to your teeth and take care of significant concerns. Make an appointment at our office today so you can start the process of getting veneers and a new smile.

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