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Am i a candidate for dental implants

If you have one or several missing teeth, you may consider yourself a candidate for dental implants. But other factors are to be considered before planning for the treatment. An efficient dentist helps to analyze the signs that show how a person can be the right candidate for dental implants. The dentists at Smile World Dental provide implants to the patients using the following symptoms.

  • Healthy Gums

A patient can be the right candidate for dental implants only if they have healthy gums. The presence of gum diseases can cause oral infections to the patient. It may also cause an implant failure and further complications in dental conditions. It is best advised to wait until the gum disease is resolved to get a dental implant done. 

  • Good Bone Density

The patient should have good bone density. The implant is inserted into the jawbone, which helps to hold it in place. The dentists do not provide an implant treatment as an option for the patients who do not have bone density. Several treatments like bone augmentation and sinus augmentation help give a sturdy jaw structure to patients who have less bone density.

  • Do not Smoke

The patient mustn't smoke after the treatment. The dentist advises the patients to stop smoking as it causes bone loss to the patients. It also affects the success of bone grafts. The patients who smoke face more implant failure as it holds a significant risk for their dental health.

  • Good Oral hygiene

Good dental health is essential for dental implant surgery. The patient should follow basic hygiene practices like brushing and flossing. If the patient has a large buildup of plaque or tartar in the mouth, the dentist advises teeth cleaning before the dental implant procedure.

  • Good level of Patience

Dental Implant surgery requires a reasonable period for its completion. It depends on the healing period that is required after each stage of the surgery. The patient needs multiple appointments at the dentistry to complete the procedure. After the treatment, a regular check-up is mandatory to assess the success of the treatment. 

At Smile World Dental, the patients receive the best oral treatment for their dental condition. Call (209) 543-0555 and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about dental implants and other treatments.



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