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Emergency Dentist in Salida, CA

Are you feeling immense tooth pain and need to go to the dentist immediately? Do not fret. We are here to provide you with emergency dental treatment. Smile World Dental prioritizes the safety and health of our patients. We provide Dental Emergency services to both adults and children, who are experiencing pain, have dental trauma, have facial swelling, or excessive bleeding.  

What do We Offer?

We offer emergency dental services to the patients who:

  • Are facing difficulty in accessing their regular dentists
  • Are not jagged for treatment with a dentist

For urgent seeing a dentist, appointments are made either by calling our clinic or visiting in person.

We Offer Emergency Services for:

  • Severe Toothache

If you are suffering from a severe toothache, apply a cold compress on your cheek and avoid aspirin or any other painkillers, as it can burn the gum. Call us immediately for emergency services if the pain is unbearable.

  • Chipped Or Broken Teeth

If your teeth are chipped or broken, try to keep the piece, if possible, with you. Clean your mouth as well as the broken pieces with warm water. If you are bleeding, applying a piece of gauge for 10 minutes or till your bleeding stops is suggested. Also, apply a cold compress in your mouth or cheek to avoid any swelling until you reach us.

  • Broken Brackets or Wires

If you feel that the wire or brackets is broken from your braces and are poking your cheek, gums, and mouth. Push the wire into a position you feel comfortable with. If that is not possible, try to cover it with orthodontic wax, a piece of cotton ball, or a gauge until you reach our office. Rest assured, we will help you out in fixing those uncomfortable braces.

  • Abscess

Abscesses are the kind of infection on the root of the tooth or in the space between the teeth or gum. It is dangerous as it can damage tissue or surrounding teeth and can even spread in your body if left untreated. So, if you encounter a pimple-like swelling in your gum, we advise you to see us as soon as possible since it is extremely painful.  

Bleeding or Pain Before Extractions

Slight bleeding after an extraction is normal. However, if the pain is unbearable and the bleeding won’t stop even after following every instruction given by your dentist, then call us or visit us immediately for emergency treatment.

Moreover, our emergency services are open to patients suffering from knocked-out teeth, loss of filling or crown, and many more in addition to the treatment mentioned above.  

In case of a dental emergency, in Salida, CA, to have a consultation with our dentists. Please call us at (209) 543-0555 or schedule an online consultation, and we'll guide you further.




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