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Tooth extraction in Salida, CA

Tooth Extraction is a dental procedure in which one or more teeth are removed from the mouth due to several reasons. So, let’s understand the reasons why and when your dentist performs tooth extraction.

Why Are Teeth Extracted?

Apart from removing wisdom teeth, there are several other reasons involved in performing a teeth extraction. The reason might include tooth decay, infection, and crowding. On the other hand, people getting braces have to extract one of their teeth to provide sufficient space for them to shift and get straighten properly.

Those undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplants have to undergo tooth extraction procedures to keep their mouth healthy. The extraction is mainly performed by the dentist and takes a few hours to complete the entire procedure.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

The tooth extraction procedure performed by the dentist is of two types. They are:

● Simple Extraction

Dentists perform this type of extraction when the tooth is visible above the gumline. It is a quick and painless procedure because of local anesthesia to numb the extraction site. It is one of the most common tooth extraction procedures when the tooth is loosened even before pulling out of the socket.

● Surgical Extraction 

It is relatively complicated compared to simple extraction and involves a small cut or removal of entire gum tissue or bone to extract the tooth. For this method, sedation is used to make you asleep during the whole dental procedure. It is generally performed while removing impacted wisdom teeth.

Preparing For A Tooth Extraction

Before performing the tooth extraction, the dentist takes an X-Ray of your teeth. During the consultation session, you will be asked about your medical history related to vitamins, supplements, or over-the-counter drugs.

It is also essential to keep your dentist aware of other problems like:

● Heart defect

● Diabetes

● Liver disease

● Thyroid disease

● Renal disease

● Hypertension

● Artificial joint

● Impaired immune system

● History of bacterial endocarditis

● Adrenal disease

● Damaged heart valves

Your dentist will ensure that you are free or properly treated for such types of diseases.

Aftercare of Tooth Extraction

After the procedure, your dentist will instruct you on what to expect and to do to lessen the pain. Furthermore, here are some tips you can use after the extraction procedure.

● Bite the gauge for 30 minutes to prevent bleeding.

● Apply an ice pack if you encounter facial swelling.

● Eat soft or cold food during the first few days.

● Rinse with warm saltwater 24 hours after the surgery.

Thus, you must take proper care of your dental health after teeth extraction. 

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