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What Should I Do If I Chip My Tooth

A chipped or cracked tooth can be very painful and can occur at any time. In the event the break-in doesn't reach the pulp, the innermost portion of the tooth that houses the tooth's nerves, it is unlikely to cause pain.

What Will Happen When the Tooth is Accidentally Chipped?

When your tooth has a chip, you may be exposing the nerve of your tooth, which can be dangerous because cavities often cause cracks in the teeth. Once a cavity has occurred, the teeth are already weak, agitated, and compromised. A broken tooth is susceptible to infection, spreading to the neck and head, causing various health problems. Without professional treatment, this infection can worsen over time. There is a slight chance that a chipped tooth could be life-threatening. 

Things to do If You Chip Your Tooth?

According to the American Dental Association, if you chip or break a tooth, it's a great idea to rinse your mouth with warm water to help clean it,  

Also, if the broken part of the tooth opens up, especially at the pulp region at the inner portion of the tooth with nerves and blood vessels, then the bacteria can quickly enter your bloodstream. If you apply pressure to stop any bleeding and place a cold compress on the area, you can also reduce swelling.

Occasionally, a tooth may be able to repair itself if the damage is relatively minimal. For instance, a tooth with a crack on its outer level and a small fracture line that rarely causes pain might eventually repair itself. Our mouths contain minerals that are responsible for the healing process, which is known as remineralization.

A deep chip in the tooth can invite bacteria inside, resulting in infection, injury, abscess in the root and pulp of the tooth, painful toothaches, and possibly root canal therapy or extraction of the tooth. 

Wet the piece of your chipped tooth and bring it with you to your dentist. Chipped teeth cannot grow back after being chipped, and so you will need a general dentist to repair or reattach them. Minor chips can often be smoothed and cleaned simply by polishing them for a few tens of dollars.

A veneer may be an option to hide cosmetic damage on front teeth. A filling may be necessary for larger chips, while a bonding procedure may be more effective on molars. The use of porcelain veneers may also be an option to hide damage on molars.

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