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Dental Implants

From Consultation to Aftercare: An Overview of Dental Implants

Dental implants work as artificial tooth roots used to support the replacement of a missing tooth. Anchored directly to the bone framework, a dental implant allows a single tooth replacement without sacrificing the health of the neighboring teeth.

Are You a Candidate for a Dental Implant Procedure?

A dental implant procedure is not ideal for everyone. As the implant will replace the tooth root and will be placed directly on the jawbone, you must have healthy gums and proper bone density. To determine if you’re a candidate for this procedure, a consultation with a dentist is necessary.

How Will the Dentist Place the Implant?

As a provider of dental implants in Modesto, CA, Smile World Dental follows a step-by-step procedure for this treatment. First, through a surgical procedure, the dentist will place the screw-like implant into your jawbone. Then, he or she will cover the implant with a healing cap. The implant will have to bond with the bone for a few months to form an anchor for the artificial tooth.

After the healing process, the dentist will uncover the implant and attach a metal post, an abutment to it. They will then create a natural-looking replacement crown and attach it to the abutment.

How Long is the Recovery Time?

Recovery from the implant procedure may take up to six months, while the process of putting the permanent crown may take up to two months. Healing time varies from one patient to another.

The dentist will prescribe a pain medication to manage the pain or discomfort you may feel after the procedure. The dentist will also advise you to practice proper dental hygiene to take care of your implant. If properly taken care of, a tooth replacement through a dental implant may last for more than 40 years.

If you need a dental implant in Modesto, the dentists of Smile World Dental can help you. Led by Prakash Sojitra, DDS, our dental staff is dedicated to giving our patients the quality dental care they deserve.

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