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Dental Checkup in Salida, CA

Dental checkups are a vital part of dental care to prevent dental issues and maintain oral health. A typical dental checkup includes preventive treatments, diagnostic procedures, and oral health routine discussions. Dr. Prakash K. Sojitra at Smile World Dental recommends dental checkups at least twice a year to ensure either prevention or early treatment for oral health problems. 

Why Are Dental Checkups Necessary?

Regular dental checkups are essential because:

  • Doctors can diagnose dental problems before you start feeling the symptoms.
  • Tooth decay becomes visible and starts causing pain only in advanced stages. But with frequent checkups, dentists can identify the early signs of decay.
  • Plaque and tartar also can be managed better with regular dental checkups.

What to Expect at a Dental Checkup?

Generally, a dental checkup at Smile World Dental includes the following medical procedures:

  • Doctors will conduct an initial oral exam of your teeth, gums, throat, face, head, and neck to look for abnormalities. They will look for early signs of cavities, gum diseases, and plaque buildup.
  • A thorough examination will also make sure there isn’t any swelling or redness indicating cancer. 
  • Next, doctors will use special tools to remove tartar or plaque buildup. While brushing and flossing can help keep your teeth clean, only a thorough cleaning at dentists can remove the plaque altogether. It is imperative because plaque, in the long run, causes bacterial infection and gum diseases. 
  • After the cleaning, the teeth are polished with abrasive paste and fluoride to lift the remaining plaque and stains on the teeth.
  • Lastly, flossing is done to remove debris from between the teeth. And, doctors will suggest prevention methods and oral health routines to take care of your teeth better. 
  • Doctors might suggest dental X-rays for some cases, depending on your medical history and chances of developing cavities. Dental X-rays might be mandatory for your dental checkups if you have a high risk for cavities or decay. 
  • If early signs of oral health problems are found in your checkup, doctors will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to take care of the issue. 

Book a consultation with Dr. Prakash K. Sojitra for a dental checkup. Call dentist in Modesto, CA at (209) 543-0555 or visit Smile World Dental at 4925 Sisk Rd A-B, Salida, CA 95368.



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