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Emergency Dentist vs Emergency Room

If you have suffered facial damage that has resulted in significant swelling, wounds within or around the mouth, or a fractured jaw, before seeing the dentist, go to the emergency room first.

Regardless of the sort of dental emergency, a patient must follow a few standard procedures. The first step is to go to an ER and get immediate medical help right away. Get to the emergency hospital as quickly as possible, especially if the person has any big wounds, broken bones, or other injuries. All wounds will be treated with first aid and any bleeding will be stopped in an emergency department.

What is an ER?

The emergency room, also known as the ER, is a portion of a hospital where people with severe injuries, traumas, or sudden illnesses are treated. In most cases, acute and urgent care patients arrive without an appointment.  

Who is an Emergency Dentist?

Dentists who specialize in emergency dental care provide immediate treatment to patients who require immediate care. Most dentists see their patients within the first 24 hours to ensure their continued oral health and to protect their complete dental workup with respect to teeth, gums, and jaws.

What Does an Emergency Dentist Do?

In contrast to general dentists, an emergency dentist provides prompt treatment on the same day that dental care is needed. There are times, however, when patients require immediate care, and an emergency dentist can help. Dental emergencies are treated by emergency dentists who can quickly diagnose and prescribe the right treatment.

ERs are generally only equipped to handle routine dental emergencies; they are not prepared to handle dental emergencies such as broken and chipped teeth. In the event of a bacterial infection, the ER staff can provide antibiotics and arrange for transfer to a hospital if necessary. In the case of bleeding problems, they are able to control the bleeding and treat dental fractures. Additionally, they can help with severe pain and fix fractured or dislodged teeth.

 Inflammatory dental pain, tooth fractures causing serious pain or soft tissue trauma, postoperative complications such as dry sockets, abscesses, localized bacterial infections swelling, lost teeth as a result of dental trauma, lost or broken temporary restorations, third-molar pain, etc., should be treated as soon as possible and are all issues that require prompt dental care.

Patients with non-urgent needs such as initial consultations for cosmetic procedures, restorative dentistry such as fillings if there is no pain, extractions of teeth that are not causing pain, dental cleanings, x-rays, and routine exams are discouraged at this time.

Regardless of which treatment decision an individual decides upon, treating the problem correctly ensures that their teeth are on the right track for retaining strong oral health. 

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