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Invisalign for teens

Malocclusion is very common in teens. You must have noticed that your teen's teeth are misaligned and need to be treated by an orthodontist. Braces are one option, but Invisalign is a better and more convenient option adopted by many individuals, especially teens.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a clear, custom-made aligner that is used to treat a wide range of dental problems like excessively spaced teeth, overbite, underbite, etc. The treatment procedure is painless and can be done in a brief period. We advise you to wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day for good results.

Invisalign for teens is quite the same as for adults. The difference is that there are tiny dots at the back of the Invisalign for teens that change color from blue to transparent, denoting how often they are wearing them. It is a better option for teens because they are often conscious about wearing braces. Since Invisalign is transparent, it is hardly noticeable, giving your teen more confidence in wearing it.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign for Teens?

  • Painless and Shorter Duration Procedure

Unlike metal braces that move teeth individually, Invisalign pushes all the teeth to their correct orthodontically positions, causing far less pain than braces. The time taken by Invisalign to align teeth is also shorter than that of metal braces.

  • Removable

Invisalign is removable. Therefore, it makes it easier for children to remove them while eating, brushing, or flossing. This feature also enables teens to take care of their oral hygiene.

  • Gives Confidence

Invisalign is not easily noticeable, giving your child more confidence while wearing their aligners. This keeps them from getting mocked in school.

  • Less Irritating

Unlike having metal braces and a mouth full of wires and brackets, Invisalign is a less irritating option as it is made from dental-grade plastic and does not rub on the insides of your cheeks or lips. Invisalign won't cause any cuts, bruises, or irritation.

What is the Treatment Procedure?

We will begin with taking X-rays and photographs of your child's teeth to learn more about the condition and prepare a treatment plan accordingly. Next, a digital impression of their teeth will be taken that will be sent to the laboratory where your child's customized Invisalign aligners will be made. This usually takes a few weeks.

On your child's next appointment, we will give them the aligners after assuring them that their fit and size are perfect. The aligner is to be replaced by a new set once every two weeks for efficient results. Taking precautions and regular consultations are very important to make a difference in your child's smile.

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