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Teeth Whitening in Salida, CA

Is there anyone who doesn't wish to have a bright, aesthetic smile? The best and easiest way to achieve an appealing smile is by opting for a teeth whitening procedure at Smile World Dental. One of the most widely popular cosmetic dentistry treatments in the USA, teeth whitening helps patients achieve whiter, stain-free teeth in no time. 

At Smile World Dental, our dental experts offer high-quality whitening treatments for our patients to give them a dazzling smile they deserve. 

Before opting for the teeth whitening procedure, read on to know more about the process.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that helps remove teeth stains and discoloration and restore the color of your teeth. The procedure does not involve any significant changes like scraping done to the teeth structure to lighten the color and overall appearance of the teeth.

Why do Teeth Discoloration Occur?

Tooth discoloration can occur as a result of a number of reasons. It happens naturally as people age. The other causes of teeth discoloration, in addition to the natural aging process, are as follows:

  • Smoking
  • Tooth injury 
  • Use of certain medications and antibiotics 
  • Excess consumption of tea and coffee 
  • Use of carbonated beverages
  • Eating colored foods like turmeric, blueberries, etc. 
  • Tartar and plaque buildup

Teeth Whitening Procedure at Smile World Dental 

At Smile World Dental, we offer several teeth whitening solutions that involve eliminating dental stains from the teeth and making them appear bright and flawless, overcoming teeth imperfections.

Types of Teeth Whitening

The major types of teeth whitening treatments we offer at our dental office include the following: 

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening

The in-office teeth whitening procedure at Smile World Dental involves applying a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide under the supervision and guidance of our expert dentist. As the whitening solution is applied and is allowed to stay on the patient's teeth for 15 minutes, the hydrogen peroxide penetrates through the enamel of the patient's teeth. The oxidation process begins, where the stain molecules are changed to reflect no light, making them appear less visible, and teeth appear white. This can be repeated till the expected results are obtained. 

Since the in-office teeth whitening procedure is done under the guidance of our dental experts, and the hydrogen peroxide solution used in the procedure is more effective than the solution used in other teeth whitening options, this procedure is more safe and potent. 

  • Take-Home Whitening Kit

Our dentists at Smile World Dental provide customized take-home teeth whitening trays to whiten their teeth at home. The kit includes a whitening tray manufactured by obtaining the patient's mouth's impression and a hydrogen peroxide bleaching solution. The patient should wear these dental trays containing the bleaching solution for a time period as per the suggestions of the dentist. 

The procedure takes about two to three weeks to obtain the desired results. The treatment duration depends on the severity of the teeth discoloration and the intensity of the whitening desired. At-home teeth whitening procedure helps those people who have sensitive teeth and can't withstand the highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution used in dental office teeth whitening and do not want any immediate fix.

Do you wish to whiten your teeth using teeth whitening procedures? Call us today dentist in Modesto, CA (209) 543-0555 and schedule an appointment.




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